Expert Electrical Diagnosis (All Vehicle Manufacturers)

Aren’t you tired of going to automotive and truck electrical and electronics classes that spend an overwhelming amount of time teaching atomic theory and movement of electrons? Sure, it explains how current flows, but does it really help you fix the vehicle? Sorry, we will not be covering atomic theory in this class. This class is all about helping you become proficient at electrical diagnostics. Become an expert electrical tech! Whether you are an apprentice technician looking to become more proficient in electrical diagnostics, or a seasoned veteran who would just like a refresher and also learn new information, this is the course for you.  You will learn the skills necessary to become more efficient and profitable when performing electrical diagnostics work. This is definitely not your typical electricity and electronics class!

This class is not Ford Motor Company or Diesel Engine specific: it applies to all manufacturers’ vehicles (cars, and light, medium, and heavy duty trucks and buses), both foreign & domestic: gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric, and alternate fuel. If you are any tech (body and collision or mechanical) performing diagnostics and/or repairs, whether it be electronic transmission or engine control, air conditioning and heating, ADAS, restraint systems, body or chassis damage, etc., at some point on today’s modern vehicles you will be dealing with electricity and electronics. 

Gain increased knowledge of the most commonly made mistakes when troubleshooting vehicle driveability, electronic transmission, and general electrical and electronics concerns. Learn the correct diagnostic procedures required to adequately diagnose the problem encountered through actual case studies.