Mike Cleary

Ford Electronic All-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive

Learn tips for various Electronic Control Systems used on light trucks and sport utility vehicles. Emphasis is placed on learning the electronic control strategies used for each system, thereby enhancing the technician’s ability to properly diagnose system failures. This seminar is designed for beginning to advanced electronics technicians.

ExperTech Diagnostic Strategies (All Vehicle Manufacturers)

This class will challenge your current mindset and show you what is needed to develop your own personal diagnostic methods and strategies! This seminar is all about developing the skills necessary to become highly proficient at vehicle diagnostics. This seminar does not focus on any one particular vehicle manufacturer. The skills learned in this seminar can be applied to any diagnostic scenario that might be encountered on any make or model of vehicle. This seminar designed for technicians of all skill levels.

Ford Electronic Engine Control: Thinking Beyond the Manual

Analysis of individual case studies designed to teach automotive repair professionals how to develop their own personal diagnostic thought processes, when all traditional diagnostic methods have failed. This seminar is designed for the beginning to advanced driveability technician. An understanding of basic electricity and electronics is advised.

Expert Electrical Diagnosis (All Vehicle Manufacturers)

Gain increased knowledge of the most commonly made mistakes when troubleshooting vehicle driveability, electronic transmission, and general electrical and electronics concerns. Learn the correct diagnostic procedures required to adequately diagnose the problem encountered through actual case studies. This seminar is designed for technicians of all skill levels.